Hack Pixel Strike 3D External Steam – Free Download 2022

Pixel Strike 3D External Hack (Steam)

A new up-to-date working cheat for the game Pixel Strike 3D, which is currently popular on Steam. Multi-functional cheat with which you can set up infinite ammo, you can shoot without scattering bullets, you can fly, use God mode and much more. If you want to dominate the game and surprise your friends, then use this free cheat on Pixel Strike 3D Steam.


– No Clip (hotkey: V – On / Off)

– HP Regen (works only on bots)

– No Damage (works only on bots)

– One Hit Kill (works only on bots)

– Freezing Enemies (works only on bots)

– Freeze Fly + Jump (hotkey: Z – On / Off) – then press spacebar many times

– Speed Hack (How to enable – first double click on E, then double click on Q) Hotkeys: double click on Q – On / double click on E – Off

How to launch :

Start Pixel Strike 3D

Start Cheat Engine

Select game process

Put your CT file in Cheat Engine

Click on the box

How to use:

CTRL + 1 for rapid fire (Works on 92% of the weapons)

CTRL + 2 for No recoil + No spread + Unlimited ammo (works for 80% of the weapons)

CTRL + 3 For no equipment cooldown (Works on all of them)

Red = the cheat is enabled

Black = Cheat is disabled

Warning/1: Windows difender may claim the file as a virus, it’s just because it can’t real the file, just Hit “Allow”

Warning/2: Make sure Rapid fire is Off before enabling No recoil

Free Download Pixel Strike 3D External Hack (Steam)

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.


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