Rust Ruby NoRecoil Cheat Script Free Self Leak

Rust Ruby Recoil [Self Leak]

  • Updated: 08.05.21
  • Current version: v1.1
  • I recommend downloading an excellent cheat script for the game RUST (Steam) with which you can adjust your shooting from any weapon and thereby make it much more accurate. I use this hack personally and have not yet received a game lock, everything is configured very simply and without any errors. You just need to run the games, and then run the script itself, which is controlled using hot keys.

    • Ensure you match the programs sensitivity with the sensitivity in game, default is 1.0 in-game rust sensitivity
    • Your DPI is fine to be what ever you want it to be.
    • CTRL + TAB = Enable Antirecoil Program

    — Weapons —
    CTRL + NUMPAD_1 = AK47 Recoil
    CTRL + NUMPAD_2 = LR-300 Recoil
    CTRL + NUMPAD_3 = SAR Recoil [Intentionally Removed]
    CTRL + NUMPAD_4 = Custom Recoil
    CTRL + NUMPAD_5 = MP5 Recoil
    CTRL + NUMPAD_6 = Thompson Recoil
    CTRL + NUMPAD_7 = M39 Recoil [Intentionally Removed]
    CTRL + NUMPAD_8 = M92 Recoil [Intentionally Removed]
    CTRL + NUMPAD_9 = M249 Recoil [BE CROUCHED]

    CTRL + NUMPAD_+ = Cycles weapon sights [Simple / Holo / 8x / 16x / None]
    CTRL + NUMPAD_ENTER = Cycles weapon barrels [Supp / Boost / Break / None]

    — Settings —
    CTRL + Left Arrow = Makes the recoil less random
    CTRL + Right Arrow = Makes the recoil more random
    CTRL + Up Arrow = Increase programs sens to match in-game
    CTRL + Down Arrow = decrease programs sens to match in-game

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    to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.


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